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(progressive mixed sets added August 2019)

Music has always been an integral part of my life and upbringing, something I discovered and embraced during my early childhood years. Tactile instrumentation, visual artistry, rhythms, and soundscapes in both the digital and analog worlds have always been a driving force. My youth was inspired with keyboards, synths, guitars, dulcimers, percussion, and various string instruments. A little urban gardening, furry felines, visual design and photography also play a large roll in my ongoing experiences.

1988 age 14 is when I began mixing tracks, a time when the days and nights were predominantly dedicated to skateboarding, snowboarding, nightclubs, anything musical, goofing around with friends, discovering, and finding ways to deeply immerse and connect with the universe and nature. My early day gear consisted of two cassette decks, a belt driven turntable, an old Sony direct drive turntable and an ancient two channel RadioShack mixer. Optimizing the turntables wonky 3 +- % pitch controls along with some homemade cutout paperboard slipmats, I began teaching myself how to beat-match and mix harmonies. Yes, the struggle was very real. Early day collections of wax included creative influences and likes such as The Orb, FSOL, Run DMC, The Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, The Cure, DCD, Skinny Puppy, Lush, Slowdive, a plethora of underground obscurities, and scads of 80s’ & 90s’ dance. It didn't take long to upgrade to a more pro setup which included a few 1200s. Over the years I have come to adopt digital mixing, DAWs, and real time surface controllers. Three decades further and this is where I’m at, multi-tracking and remixing, MixOnSix: 6 track channel mixing for a more real time experience. Cheers to the mix, and thank you for listening.

– Sam

re-invention 1 re-invention 2 re-invention 3

re-invention is a compositional mixed series about the familiar ebb and flow of new life starting points, and the persistence of moving forward ... These sets are a heavily focused and inspired departure away from mixing off two input sources onto six for a more constant state of live mixing. This series is an evolution of different flavors and pace, a touch of discord interjected with texture blending of guitars, ethereal vocals, time signature offsets, looping harmonies, original material and plenty of moodiness should carry you peacefully through from start to finish. A dynamic sound system and a bit volume is always recommended for your auditory pleasures. 

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